Agents On The Go Get The Best Results

By Craig Lowe


There's an old saying, usually attributed to Benjamin Franklin, "if you want something done, ask a busy person".
What he said nearly 300 years ago is just as true today, especially if that "something" is selling your home. Few assets are as important as the roof over your head. So when it comes to selling that investment, it's critical to choose a real estate agent who will get you the best return. And that requires energy, expertise and experience.

How do you pick the right agent? Start by looking for signs other than just those that have "for sale" on them. One of the most telling is the number of listings an agent has. So look for someone with a dominant position in the marketplace. If more people are choosing to use one particular agent over another, then that agent obviously is doing something right.

Don't worry about your home getting lost amid their bigger listings. Because the busier the agent, the more likely they are to have a team in place that frees them up from the running of the business. That allows them to devote more time to what they do best: sell houses.

You can find out which agents are the busiest by ringing an agency and asking outright. Or by monitoring who has the most listings in print or online. You can be assured that the agent who sells enough property to be in a company's top 5% of achievers is going to have a fundamentally sound sales strategy and thorough understanding of buyer psychology.

It's also important that you have a rapport with an agent - you have to like the person you're dealing with because you're going to be involved in a stressful process together and you need to "click". That's why referrals from friends or family - people who know you and who have had a positive experience with an agent - can be useful.

But don't let compatibility or one person's recommendation outweigh all the other important considerations when making a final choice, as there is always a chance that luck played a role - one good sale alone may not indicate the agent is using the best process or achieving the best results across all sales. So always check an agent's testimonials, because people don't write testimonials lightly. And it goes without saying that an agent without testimonials is a bad sign.

When assessing one agent against another, don't necessarily choose the one who appraises your property at the highest price. Because prices are not something people can predict, it's far better to focus on process - the strategic approach of the agent and how much they understand about marketing - rather than fixating on what value they put on your house or whether they sponsor the local school.

It should be fairly obvious from the different pitches which agent is the best. There's always an element of subjectivity and guesswork in any judgment call but a very good agent should be able to give you unique insights that distinguish them from the competition.

You also can't overestimate the importance of experience and instinct. Having an agent who's been very successful for a very long time is going to improve your odds when you sell. I can honestly say I am selling houses better today than I was four years ago - and I've been selling for 15 years. Sometimes I can tell within a five-minute phone conversation if someone is likely to be the buyer for that house. That's not something I could have done 10 years ago. It's very much an instinct that's learnt over time. Likewise, if you say one word wrong when answering a question like, "what are the owner's price expectations?" it could lose the buyer and ruin the entire sale.

To again quote Benjamin Franklin: "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest". If you're thinking of selling and want a premium price for your home call me on 021 764 647 for a free no obligation appraisal.


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