Buyer Psychology

By Craig Lowe


Top salespeople, in any industry, have learnt to influence and persuade. Convincing someone to buy something is much more than just product knowledge and good customer service, which is why some people excel at sales but most do not.

Common characteristics of top salespeople are charisma and infectious enthusiasm. Most people like them and they like most people. Experienced salespeople are also experts at reading people. They ask the right questions and obtain useful information from the answers. They know when someone is ready to buy and they help them make decisions.

One of the biggest myths in real estate is that the house will sell itself and the buyers will either like it or they won’t. The reality is houses compete for buyers like any other commodity. How persuasive someone is about the comparable attributes will help make up a buyer’s mind.

There are several psychological ‘stages’ that people go through when buying property: initial interest, emotional attachment, then confusion about what price to pay. During each of these stages the salesperson managing the process can completely put a purchaser off, or positively influence their decision, through something as subtle as a single line in an advertisement, a spoken sentence, or even the timing of information provided to the buyer.

This process starts even before the first physical viewing. People form opinions based on price, the advertising copy, photos and questions they have asked the salesperson on the phone or by email. There are subtle but huge mistakes that can be made at any one of these points.

I’m not suggesting people do not have any free will, or that a salesperson can magically make people do what they want. However there is absolutely no doubt that a good salesperson can influence people’s decision to buy and the price they will pay. Nor is it unethical or immoral. It is simply how human transactions are conducted every day.

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