Deliver The World What The World Wants

By Craig Lowe


I believe everyone can get something from these pearls of wisdom. Business doesn't have to be rocket science: work out what your customers want and deliver it to them. Ensure you execute your service as flawlessly as possible by
creating simple systems and processes that you know will get done.

What do home sellers want from their salesperson? The best result possible and good honest communication. In my business this is my total focus.

Foremost is striving to achieve the best possible sale price for my clients. I have spent the last decade perfecting the sales process to provide the best possible odds of achieving a premium price from the market place. During any
negotiation I have a single minded determination to extract the best result for my clients.

The incentives for real estate salespeople to "just get the deal done" are huge. Often large commissions are at stake, and I know for a fact that these short term incentives are inclined to lead many salespeople to provide advice or
make decisions designed to simply get the deal done, at any price. Short term incentives are powerful motivators, to which the human condition is inherently susceptible. Ironically, avoiding short term temptation brings about much
greater long term reward. I believe that by constantly delivering the best result for home sellers by striving to obtain the highest price, at the expense of short term opportunities, the goodwill created in the marketplace compounds
success over the long term.

The second key area of focus for me is communication. My clients deserve to be fully informed of my progress and provided with honest and open market feedback throughout the process. Communication is so important in any service based
business that I believe it is simply impossible to thrive without over delivering on it. Of course, this communication extends to purchasers as well as sellers. My team puts a lot of energy into the systems that ensure our clients are
fully informed throughout the sales process.

For any existing real estate salespeople reading this, try looking at each deal objectively and be honest with yourself to see if you are genuinely adding value for the client. Ring your clients constantly and ensure you are providing
regular feedback on the level of enquiry, the level of serious interest, and honest market research. If you execute these two things well over a sustained period of time, you can't help but do well.

If you are thinking of selling your home or would like an honest and totally obligation free appraisal, please call me any time on 021-764-647. I would love to hear from you.


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