Introducing our Engine Room

Like most agents, a Lowe & Co agent meets with their vendors at the start of the process and figures out the best strategy to go to market. 

But unlike most agents, a Lowe & Co agent gives you a more personalised approach.  Because while an agent at a traditional agency must do their own paperwork, marketing, prospecting, advertising, database management, reporting, managing staff, and cashflows, at Lowe & Co our in-house team of Property Coordinators take care of all those things. 

On average, our Property Coordinators do 30 hours of work per listing.  This allows your agent to spend that time on what they do best: Working closely with the many buyers that have enquired about or come through your home. 

Put another way, when a traditional agent is faced with multiple listings, the follow-up goes out the window. The very thing that leads to getting the best price. 

This is one of many reasons that more of Wellington’s top agents choose to work at Lowe & Co.  

Lowe & Co Realty. The Best Home for the Best Agents.