Our Photography

At Lowe & Co we believe that photos are the single most important component of your advertising package. They are the “teaser” that draws the purchaser in and entices them to want to see more. If they don’t like the photos there is no way they will read the text. Therefore, photos are incredibly important.

We don’t just rely on anyone to take photos of your property. We work with an award winning photographer. Lighting is used, the odd piece of furniture is moved, and the photos are crisper, sharper, and livelier than the photos featured by other real estate companies. Our photographer will take shots at the perfect time of day for sun, and then come back again for twilight shots if required.

It makes sense to invest your money where you will get the best photos: not into the website of that particular photography company. With us it is all about the quality of the photos and showing your home at its absolute best. This will entice purchasers to want to learn more. 

At Lowe & Co we take the market presentation of your home very seriously.

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