Real Estate Salespeople: Greedy, Snakelike, Expensive, Dishonest

By Craig Lowe


This week we received a fantastic letter from a client which I have reproduced below. As the letter highlights, a more effective strategy can make an enormous difference to the final sale price (in this case $30,000 difference). Those who feel houses "sell themselves" simply do not understand that houses are not "commodity products." Most houses are radically different (especially in Wellington!), and the people that buy them have very different ideas about what makes a house desirable. In fact four different people can have vastly different value perceptions for the same property - someitmes hundreds of thousands of dollars apart. Tellingly, even professional Valuers regularly estimate value miles apart from each other for the same home.

The housing market is a breeding ground for behavioural biases and emotional instincts. Consequently, buying decisions, including value perception, can be influenced. The company, salesperson, and sales strategy that you choose, has a very real and significant impact on the price you receive. Unfortunately for potential home sellers, the benefits between salespeople and their companies can seem very intangible (unlike the differences between two houses) and you can't normally sell the same house more than once to compare! This is why we decided to share Gareth and Rose's testimonial here, as it provides a relatively unique insight.

To whom it may concern,

If we had the opportunity 3 months ago to read the contents of this letter, we'd scarcely have believed we'd written it, such was our opinion and general distrust of real estate agents. That we have written it, is testimony to just how good Paul, Craig and Aaron actually are.

We had a unique opportunity to compare the performance of Paul, Craig and Aaron against that of another real estate agency for selling the same property, 16 Moselle Street, Island Bay.

The service, honesty, empathy, communication, attention to detail and professionalism we received from Paul, Craig and Aaron were beyond compare. They took ownership of the selling process, providing clear advice and direction as to what was to happen and when. Underpinning their activities was a clear strategy designed to extract the best possible result for us from the market.

We were astounded at how they simplified the selling process for us and are delighted to report we received multiple offers including an unconditional offer that was $81,000 above the recently revised RV and about $30,000 above the only offer we received from the other agency.

We won't hesitate to recommend Paul, Craig and Aaron to any prospective vendor and would definitely use them again if the opportunity arises.

We are happy to discuss our experience in greater detail with anyone considering using the services of Paul, Craig and Aaron.

Yours faithfully,

Gareth Greeks & Rose-Anne Mullan.

We are very grateful to Gareth and Rose for their sincere testimonial, and I am proud of our team for producing such a notable result.

The best way to assess any salesperson is to look at how defined and strategic their approach is. Secondly, always make sure the track record fits the story you are being told. If you are considering selling, we would be very excited to have the opportunity to give you a brief presentation on a strategy that could add tens of thousands of dollars to your selling price. Just call me anytime on 021-764-647.

Yours sincerely,

Craig Lowe


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