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Matt Thorn

Matt Thorn

Experience, professionalism and success are the result of hard work and dedication. This is what you will find with Matt, his work ethics are second to none; an admirable quality that makes Matt stand out from the crowd. His work is meticulous and detailed, not only because it’s good business, but because he prides himself in his work. Having Matt represent you will give you superior placement above the competition. He is more than qualified to do the best job. When selling real estate, one person can really make the difference. Especially when they have the passion, experience and resources that Matt offers. Matt is proud to be a part of the Lowe & Co team. Together they offer a winning combination.
Unit 2, 83 Townsend Road
Ref# LOWE4759
Forget the RV -We are wanting you to offer at a price level you see value. The fact this home hasn't changed h...
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