The Importance Of Advertising

By Craig Lowe


How can you ensure that the price you sell your home for is the absolute top price achievable in today’s market? Have an effective marketing strategy. It is as simple, and as complicated, as that.

The more people that know your property is on the market the more people will attend your open homes which will in turn generate the necessary competition to drive the price up. If you do not market your property as widely and effectively as possible you will never know whether there wasn’t someone who was willing to pay more but who never even knew your property was for sale.

Another thing to consider is that many homes sell to ‘passive buyers’. A passive buyer is someone who is not actively looking to buy but one day they see an ad in the paper or online for an interesting looking house and decide to view it, without intending to buy. Before long they are caught up in the process and a few months later they have a new home! People like this will only ever see that your house is on sale if it is widely and effectively marketed as they are not going to be trawling the back pages of the paper looking at every tiny advert.

Even people who are actively looking for real estate on the web, in the newspaper, and in the real estate press (by far the minority find a property by driving past and seeing the sign) face the daunting task of searching through a sea of properties all competing for the same eyeball. Without premium positioning in the front pages and a large attention grabbing ad, your property can easily get lost amongst all the other mediocre advertising. The tiny corner spot in the back might be cheap but it won’t do your open home any favours at all. I have personally seen the attendance to open homes double from improving the size and positioning of the advertising.

An experienced and successful real estate salesperson will be skilled at putting together an effective marketing package for your property. They should also get generous discounts on advertising costs due to the sheer volume they put through the various publications. These discounts are unavailable to the general public and in some cases can save as much as 70% of the cost. Be sure to ask any real estate salesperson wanting to sell your house what type of marketing package they would put together and why. This alone can make the difference of thousands of dollars to the final selling price.

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