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"Finally a Real Estate Agent who has something intelligent to say about the subject! Craig’s informative articles give true insights into Real Estate sales in a clear and succinct manner."

Guy Littlejohn, Managing Director, Revive Coffee

From FOMO To Fear Of Overpaying To SOS?
The perfect storm is here. It began late last year and now buyers and sellers are battening down...
Play The Long Game As A Landlord
There have always been two distinct housing markets: buying a house to live in and buying one to...
Interest Rates And A Slowing Housing Market
Futurist marketing consultant Faith Popcorn once said, “you can trust a crystal ball as far...
Will Inflation Raise Or Deflate House Buyers’ Hopes?
“The era of lower-for-longer interest rates is at its end. Inflationary forces are here to...

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