04 801 8550

8 Kent Terrace, Mount Victoria

Kyla Hamilton - 04 801 8550
Often referred to as ‘the glue’ at Lowe and Co, Kyla assists all our team members and controls the day to day operations of Lowe & Co. An invaluable member and vital part of our growing company. Kyla has been in real estate for 16 years between here in New Zealand and Australia. The fast pace environment matches Kyla's personality perfectly, as she constantly works in a mode of constant action and improvement. Kyla is also a fully licensed Licensee. Kyla’s pivotal role in the company is undeniable, as her professionalism, tireless work ethic and outstanding time management skills continue to provide a benchmark for incoming staff. Kyla manages over all aspects of the business of Lowe & Co with heart and gusto. Her fun personality and energy captures the Lowe & Co cultural mind-set too. Nationally recognised recognised by New Zealands industry body the Real Estate Instiute of New Zealand (REINZ), Kyla was a proud finalist for the Manager of the Year Award in 2019.